Civil Litigation

In our daily lives, we come across unavoidable circumstances where it involves our rights and conflict of money and property. You might experience being wrongly fired by your employer, being injured, or your property has been damaged. When dealing with these things, a civil case suit or action might be needed - meaning you want to sue another individual or another group. Our office is flexible as we can represent either the side of a plaintiff
or a defendant.

As civil cases are intricate, it is best to partner with our firm to know the technical and legal language of your civil suit. Each step involved in a civil case is regulated by the rules of civil procedures. These might undergo different stages from pleadings, discovery, and trials. We do not want you to be burdened by these complex undertakings. We will evaluate what is the best way to ensure we comply with the rules and how to obtain the best interest and remedy as an end-result of each lawsuit.

Our firm do take care of your civil case needs involving:

Damage to assets

Business or Contract Disputes

Small claims

Employment disputes

Real Estate Litigation

Debt collection


Purchase and Sale Disputes

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